I'm a developer with over 18 years of real world experience buidling various types of applications - web, data processing, mobile, desktop, robotics. I have worked in startups, bank, agencies.

I've learnt everything myself just using documentations and paid or free material on the internet.

I started with Turbo Pascal, tried some custom language for robotic arms. Then learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript (that was in 2003). Jumped to learn PHP and then switched to C#, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server. After that I did iOS and macOS apps in Objective C and later Swift. With that I learned Python and Django to be able to quickly build APIs for those mobile apps.

I'm now using Python for data processing of huge amount of data in bigger team where quality, robustness and speed of development is very important. Lately I've been playing with Haskell and F# and learned a lot from functional programming approach.

I'm sharing all I've learned about Python and programming in general.

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