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How to estimate with confidence, avoid stress and deliver on time

The Framework for developers & software teams.

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8 skills you need to become a Remote $100k+ dev

Knowing how to code is not enough for a great dev career.

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How I got a remote €130k+ job

In October 2022, I was fired from my remote €100k+ job. I got a new remote €130k+ job in December. This is how:

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cURL cheat sheet

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What pure functions are, and why do more of them

Pure functions make our code much better. Learn what pure functions are and how they make our code better.

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What are dunder methods in Python?

Dunder methods are methods with special meaning in Python. We look into what they are and why they're called the whey they are.

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Difference between statement and expression

Every expression is a statement, but not every statement is an expression. What makes expression different?

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Difference between function and method

Functions and methods are similar concepts, but they're not the same. Let's see what the difference between them is.

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What is an iterator in Python

The iterator is one of the core objects in Python. Understanding iterators is crucial to mastering Python. We'll look at how iterators work, and we'll also create our own iterators.

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What is an iterable in Python

Iterable is a ubiquitous concept in Python. What exactly makes an object iterable, and which built-in objects are iterables? We'll also create our own iterables.

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